What is Heart Language?

Is it art or art therapy?


Heart Language consists of over 100 illustrations with motifs that touch on the deeper aspects of life. The pictures are created by a professional illustrator and are visual communication tools that bring deeper understanding and greater self awareness.

Significant themes presented in a simple way

Heart Language is neither picture therapy or art therapy. Nor is it a painting course, a gardening course or a course for those of you who have heart problems! Deeper aspects of life are presented in a simple way through the use of pictures and metaphors. The themes relate to our own lives, and are supported by simple psychology, the use of stories, and by asking questions.

Creates new thought patterns

The pictures of Heart Language instantly communicate with the visual part of the brain. When the cognitive part of the brain communicates with the visual part, new thought patterns are created and understanding on the theme increases. The pictures are simple but genius pedagogic tools that bring deeper understanding to the heart.

«Heart Language isn’t therapy, but it can have a definite therapeutic effect» Liv Berit Heimstad Tønnesen


What happens when I consciously choose to take my life in the direction I want it to?

Opportunities and Solutions

Heart Language helps me to see my life situation with new eyes. It enables me to see connections, which helps me to understand myself and others in a better way. When I look to the future I can see opportunities and discover solutions. When I am inspired to make good choices, I will see an improvement in the quality of my life and my health.

«Life can be understood by looking backward, but it has to be lived by moving forward.»Kierkegaard

How did it all start?

The story of Heart Language

30 Pictures for an Art Exhibition

I painted the first thirty pictures for an exhibit in 2004. Various metaphors were shaped in the form of a heart and then given a title. People were touched by the motifs, and curiosity drove me to produce more pictures and themes. Soon I had over 100 different motifs! It was amazing to see how they created understanding in people from diverse cultures, religions and languages.

Faith and Endurance

The story of Heart Language also deals with faith, important learning processes — and endurance. Countless hours were invested into the pictures, but only a fraction of time was used in actually painting the pictures. I developed, tested and evaluated the course, and many people have very encouraged by the results.

Around the World

I traveled the world with my family and the pictures to find out if others would also understand the language of the heart motifs. Business plans were produced, investors were sought and applications were written for financial support. There have been many steps forward and a few backward.

«A heart-filled thanks to everyone around me who has believed in Heart Language. None of this would have been possible without your support» Gro Torvaldsen Rykkelid

Who is Gro

Hvem står bak bildene og ideen?

  • I have quite a diverse background, but have worked as a freelance illustrator and artist since 1992. It has been an exciting journey with a wide range of assignments, exhibits and commissioned works.

    I have taught in many countries, illustrated 21 children books and have written five hobby books on painting.

    I have a master’s degree in illustration, and have studied entrepreneurship, leadership and coaching.

  • The total collection of my various competencies is the foundation for Heart Language courses and for the books Gardener of My Own Life and The Garden of My Heart.

    Other than that, I am in my early fifties, am married to Øystein, have three grown daughters and two big dogs. I am a Norwegian ‘southerner’ who has lived on the beautiful coast of Helgeland in northern Norway for the past twenty years.

    You can read more on my website: www.grorykkelid.no

What actually is the heart?

– and how can we perceive with the heart?

Meaning and Consequence

Some describe the heart as ‘the essence of your being’, or ‘the real you’. Others describe the heart as ‘the control center for our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.’ I may find it easy to understand the intellectual meaning of a word; but it is when I understand the meaning the word has for me personally — and the consequence it has on my own life — that I can truly say that I ‘understand with my heart!’

«Happy is he whose head cooperates with the heart» William Shakespeare


A focus inward, upward and outward

The foundational values of Heart Language are based on the Christian worldview. The biblical view lies as the cornerstone of Heart Language. However, with the exception of the “Beliefs of your Heart” course, all courses are religious-neutral in their design, and thus «safe» to present in settings where Christian preaching is not wanted. The biblical reference is made available free of charge as bonus material for anyone who wants it.

Heart Language is all about becoming who I was created to be, by looking at what I invest my energies in, what I focus on and what I choose to do. It is when I am actively present in my life and willingly choose to deal with things that are difficult for me, that I can experience both restoration and genuine freedom.

When I experience that I am able to master the challenges that come my way, I will continually be in a process of personal development — and I will be more able to rise up and move forward when I have made a mistake or done something wrong. When I receive God’s perspective on my life, I will discover a deeper dimension and experience concrete help in my daily life.

I can have a focus that not just inward on myself, but also upward toward God and outward toward the people and society around me.

«Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.» from Psalm 139

Many uses for Heart Language

Heart Language has an amazing number of uses: coping with life, coaching, counselling, strengthening our inner being, dealing with stress, building up our identity, personal growth, self-awareness, setting boundaries …

Courses, Books & Pictures

You can become acquainted with Heart Language through courses, books and pictures. Allow yourself to be inspired, and include the pictures with your other tools of communication. Share the free material found on our website with others through social media. And please contact us — ask questions, share your thoughts with us, and we truly appreciate your feedback. We will answer your questions the best we can.

Inspire other, but don’t copy!

The pictures in Heart Language AS are copyrighted and protected by applicable laws. It is illegal to copy the pictures, or to publicly use the pictures without the written consent of Gro T. Rykkelid / Heart Language AS. Nor is it permissible to hold a course based on the pictures without being an approved Heart Language course holder.



Heart Language has arranged courses and seminars for organizations, companies, churches, conferences and schools in Norway, and has also arranged courses in Fiji, Estonia, Mexico and Italy.

Art Exhibits

The original Heart Language paintings have participated in a number of art exhibits, both in Norway and in Germany. Contact us if you would like to arrange an exhibit for Heart Language artwork.

International Marketing

The Heart Language pictures have been tested in the United States, Mexico, Estonia, Australia, Thailand, Greenland and Fiji. The Garden of My Heart has been translated into Mandarin, Spanish and English.


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